NFSY puts the safety of all customers, employees, contractors, and any guests before anything else. We believe safety should always come first, and we strictly follow all OSHA Laws and regulations in order to protect our employees and customers.

NFSY is a self-insured business, which makes safety an extremely high priority. We want to minimize and eliminate as many potential hazards as possible.

Safety InformationIn order to prevent safety hazards, NFSY has developed many standard operating procedures in order to provide all individuals with guidelines on how to handle various situations and to abide by all OSHA regulations. Such procedures include environmental management and hazmat waste plans, heavy weather plans, toxic hazardous substance control, quality assurance training, and fire protection plans.

Our safety coordinators at both our Commodores Point and Mayport facilities are responsible for the safety and injury care of the entire yard. The safety department is constantly in the yard ensuring all employees follow safety rules and regulations put in place to protect everyone in the yard. All persons in the yard must wear steel toe safety boots, safety glasses, and a hard hat. All persons and employees are expected to follow all safety policies and procedures.
Ship repair requires many hard laborious activities that could be potentially harmful to individuals if the proper safety policies are not put in place. All employees are provided with the proper training and safety information before they enter the field. We encourage all employees to report any injuries, regardless of the severity. We want to ensure all injuries are treated, and that employees are able to get proper care. We also want to guarantee a safe work environment for all individuals, and can only do so if potential dangers are reported to management.

NFSY believes all accidents can be prevented and that ALL of us are responsible for that prevention. As stated before safety is the number one priority, and we intend to make sure all standard operating policies and procedures are followed and enforced in conjunction with all OSHA Laws and regulations.

Commodores Point Facility
2060 East Adams Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: 904-354-3278
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Mayport Naval Station Facility
1933 Bailey Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32228
Phone: 904-354-3278
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